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Are Botox Treatments Safe?

Are Botox Treatments safe to use, is a very common question which our clients regularly ask Dr. Jukes. The answer in a word is Yes – When applied by a properly qualified professional who understands how muscles and nerves work.

We all know that having your appearance altered in any way, no matter how routine, is always better left to the professionals.  Our resident Dr. Jukes’s knowledge and experience is second to none.

Wrinkle treatments such as BotoxTM Injections are a simple, nonsurgical procedure used to smooth lines and wrinkles on the forehead. They will also reduce the appearance of persistent frown lines that develop between your eyes and crows feet.

It is fast, simple and non invasive with no downtime so you can return to work and no one will know you’ve had anything done. They’ll just notice you look better and act more confidently.

Why not join the thousands of image conscious business men and women who have discovered the benefits of Botox Injections both from a look and a confidence point of view.